Saturday, April 16, 2011

Momentary Expanse

Here's a recording I did with Tristan Perich back in January.  Shortest session ever.  40 minutes including setup/teardown. We were like 1-bit ninjas.
Momentary Expanse, for vibraphone and two channel, 1-bit electronics. listen here.

Here I am, photographed by Tristan, about to perform it last July at MassMoCA.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Minute from SXSW

It was a great night for a Nonclassical SXSW showcase.  Calder Quartet, Sissy Eared Molly Coddles, Juice, DJ Gabriel Prokofiev, Graham Reynolds' Golden Hornet Project--everybody killed.  AND, I was backstage in the Veleveeta Room's tiny hallway when in walked none other than hilarious guy Aziz Ansari, who happened to be making comedy next door.  Our eyes met, I froze, and he was gone.
Anyway, here's a little taste of Graham Reynolds' Blades & Boards from that fateful night (courtesy of NPR's All Songs Considered).  That Bob Boilen is the man.